Vintage Isn’t Always “In”

Since 1964, the Cordell Events Center has served GMC students well. But now it’s outdated, cramped and inadequate. Back then, we had 500 students. Now, we have more than 2,000. And their health is at greater risk than ever.

It’s time to raise the bar.

Introducing the new GMC Health and Wellness Center. In 2014, we’ll open a $17 million, 56,250–square-foot facility, a modern, sun-drenched fitness center designed expressly to support health and wellbeing.

We’re putting our back into making our student body stronger. And we need your help.

Our fundraising campaign objective: Raise $3 million.

That’s the gap left after state and school funding. Many generous donors have already stepped up, with private pledges totaling $2,850,000.

Please, show your GMC spirit and commitment to physically fit students. Help us raise the final $150,000 for the GMC Health and Wellness Campaign. And be a part of laying the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Why the Center?

The existing Cordell Events Center is now 50 years old. It has served us well.

But now, it’s terribly outdated, cramped and inadequate. When Cordell opened in 1964, GMC had 500 students.

Today, we have nine grade levels and 2,000 students. They’re literally tripping over each other in just 31,690-square-feet of space.

Why Give?

3. GMC’s recreation facilities are old, cramped and crowded. Our students need better.

2. The new Health and Wellness Center is part of a bigger picture.

1. Many of Georgia’s young people are in bad shape, overweight and sedentary. They need motivation and inspiration.